Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli return from Dubai discussions


Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Rajamouli have begun production on their new film, a globe-trotting action thriller.


Mahesh Babu, SS Rajamouli, and producer KL Narayana recently visited Dubai to talk about the production and other details. However, the recent floods in Dubai caused by cloud seeding posed a problem for their plans. So they’ve returned to Hyderabad now.

The video of Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli returning to Hyderabad has gone viral. Fans have praised Mahesh Babu’s new look.

The untitled film (#SSMB29) is expected to be launched in June. This action drama, touted as the most expensive film in Indian cinema, will be made in such a way that it appeals to global audiences.

Mahesh Babu will devote two years of his time to this project.



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