Nani’s Dasara moves to the final stage of filming

Nani has become famous for his habit of releasing several films each year. But in 2022, he slowed down to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. In 2022, he only released one movie. Specifically, Ante Sundaraniki. He made a brief appearance in “HIT 2,” which had Adivi Sesh as the lead hero.

However, he is nearly finished with the production of his first Pan-Indian film.

Production on ‘Dasara,’ which will debut Srikanth Odela as a director, is winding down. Nani wrote on Instagram, “Day one of the last schedule. Mind, body, heart and rage at its full potential. #Dasara.”

‘Dasara’ is Nani’s first film in which he uses the Telangana dialect. Keerthy Suresh plays his lady friend. A powerful drama, “Dasara” purports to tell a story about love and friendship.

The movie is getting a wide release, with versions available in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam. Nani has a lot invested in this venture as it is Pan-Indian project.



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