Naveen Medaram breaks silence: “Devil is my baby”

Naveen Medaram

“Devil” will be released in theaters this Friday. The movie, featuring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, commenced under the direction of Naveen Medaram. But the producer Abhishek Nama assumed control and eliminated Naveen’s name from all promotional materials.


Abhishek Nama has assumed the roles of director and producer under his own name. Naveen Medaram maintained a silence until now. As the film is gearing up for release, Naveen took to social media to express his opinion on this fiasco.

Naveen asserted that the film will retain its status as a feature under his direction.

“My silence seems to be misconstrued as a mistake by a few, I want to clarify that I have not committed any wrongdoing in the making of this film. No matter whoever says what, it’s a film by Naveen Medaram,” he penned.

Naveen, however, refrained from expressing any criticism towards Kalyan Ram. He explicitly stated that Kalyan Ram was positioned just behind him. Reportedly, Abhishek Nama and Naveen had a disagreement or dispute over something.



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