Rajamouli is going with a two-parter!?


There has been speculation that Rajamouli will return to ‘two-parter’. He divided the story of “Baahubali” in two, but he did not do the same for “RRR”.


However, social media buzz indicated that Rajamouli had asked Mahesh Babu to devote nearly three years to his project, implying that he would be doing a two-parter.

According to our sources, the director has yet to decide on this. But they agree that he has such a plan, and the main script has already been prepared. Dividing a story into two parts requires extensive planning. We have to wait for clarity.

Mahesh Babu will play the lead. It’s a globe-trotting action-adventure. Chelsea Elizabeth Islan, an Indonesian actress, is said to be playing the main female lead.



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