‘Salaar’ is not a copy of any Hollywood film!


Director Prashanth Neel has been imitating his work is the complaint that has come to the fore. Until now, he has directed three films ‘Ugramm’ and ‘KGF’ franchise. He is currently directing ‘Salaar’ with Prabhas. He also unveiled the first look poster of #NTR31. 

All these posters give an impression that he is just following or remaking some portion or other from his maiden Kannada film, Ugramm. Most importantly speculations are rife that ‘Salaar’ is a mix of ‘Ugramm’ and Hollywood classic ‘The Godfather’.

Prashanth Neel has denied all these rumors. “Salaar is a straight film. Neither it is based on any of my movies, not a copy of any classic,” he stated.

He also clarified that his subjects are intense. “Style should not be confused with the stories. I have a distinct style of narration,” he said.

‘Salaar’ has Prabhas playing the lead role. Shruti Haasan is the heroine. The film’s regular shoot might resume later this month.



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