Sekhar Kammula is yet to finish Dhanush’s script!

Dhanush and Sekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula has announced his next film with Dhanush. It has been more than six months since the official announcement. But there is no word about it further.

Dhanush is currently acting in a Telugu-Tamil bilingual ‘Sir’ in the direction of Venky Atluri. After the completion of this project, he will begin another Tamil film. When will Sekhar Kammula’s film hit the floors?

Looks like the proposed Sekhar Kammula political thriller will get delayed. The ‘Love Story’ director is planning it as a pan-Indian project. He has a rough story idea but he has not fleshed it out into a full-fledged script yet.

‘Dhanush’ has given ample time to Kammula to come up with the bounded script.



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