Weekend BO: Oppenheimer and Baby rule the show

Oppenheimer and Baby

The global box office is dominated by two recent Hollywood releases: “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer”. While “Barbie” outperformed Nolan’s film at the box office in the United States, the opposite is true in India. Last weekend, Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” dominated all major Indian cities, including Hyderabad.


In Hyderabad, “Oppenheimer” had opening day collections on par with a Telugu top star’s biggie. It also maintained its positive trend over the weekend. No Telugu film has come close to earning what Nolan’s film has in Hyderabad over the last three days.

New releases bit the dust

“Hidimbha,” despite a good publicity campaign, could not gross enough to be worth talking about. Other films like “Annapurna Photo Studio” and “Hatya” are complete washouts.

With no new Telugu releases making money, holdover “Baby” became the first choice for Telugu audiences. “Baby” turned out to be a blockbuster.



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