Why was Danayya not seen at RRR felicitation event?

DVV Danayya produced ‘RRR,’ which won an Oscar for Best Original Song. But Danayya stayed away from Rajamouli’s Oscar campaign in the United States. Danayya did not attend the Oscar ceremony either.


He was also not seen at the Telugu Film Industry’s Oscar winners’ felicitation. The entire Telugu film industry felicitated MM Keeravani and Chandrabose on their Oscar win for Best Original Song for “Naatu Naatu” the other day.

The event was attended by a number of film producers from the industry. However, Danayya, the film’s producer, was nowhere to be found. Some claim he did not receive an invitation. Others claim he did not attend for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the case, it’s disappointing to see Danayya reduced to the role of the film’s namesake producer.



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