Chor Bazaar trailer with mass elements comes out

Chor Bazaar Release Trailer | Akash Puri | Gehnna Sippy | Suresh Bobbili | B.Jeevan Reddy

‘Chor Bazaar’ is all set to hit the theaters this Friday (June 23). The film is not a youthful drama but a thriller with mass elements. A day before the release, the makers unveiled a new trailer that is filled with mass elements. 

Directed by Jeevan Reddy of ‘George Reddy’, ‘Chor Bazaar’ has generated buzz with the last-minute aggressive promotions.

Akash Puri has acted in it. The young actor is at home in this role. The film is all about incidents that lead to the closing of ‘Chor Bazaar’.

Gehana Sippy is the heroine. Suresh Bobbili has composed the music.



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