‘Popcorn’ Trailer: Promises fun-filled entertainment

Sai Ronak and Avika Gor have teamed up for the film ‘Popcorn,’ directed by Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham. It is being produced by Madhupalli Bhogendra. Avika Gor is making her debut as a co-producer.

Akkineni Nagarjuna released the film’s trailer today.

Pawan, played by Sai Ronak, is a youngster who meets Sameerana, played by Avika Gor, in a Hyderabad mall. Pawan and Sameerana, who begin as strangers turned enemies, realise they were made for each other.

The lead characters in the film are presented as distinct and somewhat eccentric.

Popcorn Trailer | Avika Gor, Sai Ronak | Murali Gandham | Shravan Bharadwaj


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