Sasanasabha Trailer: A political thriller

Sasanasabha Trailer (Telugu) | Indrasena, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni | Ravi Basrur | Venu Mandikanti

The trailer for the political action drama ‘Sasanasabha’ is now out. Rajendra Prasad is introduced in the trailer as a righteous veteran who wants to set an example by practising clean politics. Indra Sena makes a big impression in an action scene. He appears to be playing a role in influencing a major political outcome.

Prudhviraj is regarded as a shrewd politician. Sonia Aggarwal makes an appearance as well.

‘Sasanasabha’ is billed as a pan-Indian political film. Ravi Basrur of ‘KGF’ fame composed the music. Thulasi Ram Sappani and Shanmugam Sappani are producing this ambitious film.

The film, directed by Venu Madikanti of ‘Venkatapuram’ fame, will be released on December 16th.



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