Exclusive: Dil Raju makes 10 Cr profit on V

Dil Raju and V

Nani and Sudheer Babu starrer ‘V’, which garnered mixed reactions from audiences and thumbs down from critics, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The action entertainer was the first Telugu film with a major star cast to bypass the theatrical window for the digital premiere.


There were reports that Dil Raju opted this route of OTT release to save losses on this investment as it has been stuck in the labs since March 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. But the surprise news is the senior producer has made huge profits from this film.

Perhaps, he is the only producer in India who made more than 10 crore profit on a film during this corona crisis.

Here is our exclusive report…

Directed by Indraganti Mohan Krishna, the film’s reported landing cost is Rs 33 crores. Since it was released on OTT, there were no print and publicity costs for the producer. The film’s satellite rights were snapped up Gemini much before the lockdown for a whopping Rs 12 crore. However, Gemini re-negotiated the deal since the movie got released in OTT first and Dil Raju happily agreed to the deducted price.

Now look at the break-up of the revenue

OTT Rights (Amazon Prime) – Rs 31 Crore
Satellite (Gemini) – Rs 8 Crore
Hindi Dubbing – Rs 7 Crore
Total Revenue: Rs 46 Crore

Now, deduct the landing cost from total revenue to know the profits. Even if we consider the ‘interests’ incurred on the project during the last six months, Dil Raju will be making Rs 10 Crore profit.

Profit: Rs 13 Cr (46 – 33 = 13)
Interests: Rs 3 Cr
Final Profit: Rs 10 Cr

While the team may claim that the film was made with Rs 38 crore, insiders say it just above Rs 30 crore. So, Dil Raju’s gamble of skipping the theatrical window has paid off well.



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