No theaters until Dasara: A mess of release order!

Thousands of Indians have lost their lives to this deadly second wave of COVID-19 and the curve has not yet flattened. The vaccination drive is yet to pick up. Plus, doctors and scientists have already started talking about the third wave. Given this grim situation, the movie theaters will not resume their operations anytime soon. 

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states are facing a shortage of vaccines. If this trend continues, the theatrical business will not get back to normal until Dasara. 

This puts a big question mark on the releases of movies like ‘Tuck Jagadish’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Acharya’, ‘Akhanda’ and ‘Khiladi’. These films were scheduled to hit the screens in April and May 2021.

Other big movies like Prabhas’s ‘Radhe Shyam’, ‘KGF Chapter 2’, Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa’ also need to look at the dates either for Dasara or beyond. 

So, it is going to be mayhem at the theaters in the coming months. 



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