OTTs lower the prices, producers say no to offers

The second wave of corona cases is more deadly than the first wave. The situation is far worse. Except for Telangana, Gujarat, and a couple of other states, the lockdown or partial lockdown rules are in place in India. The theaters will remain closed for another two or three months. 

Still, Telugu producers are not releasing their movies on OTT platforms. Why? What is the reason?

Sources say the OTT players have realized that they have been paying an unreasonably high price for direct-digital release. But the quality of the content is turning out to be below par. Barring one or two films, all other recent direct-OTT movies have received thumbs down from the critics and the audiences as well. 

This has made the digital streaming companies lower the price for the acquisition of the new content. And this low price is not acceptable to the producers. They rather wait for theaters to be reopened. 

Thus, we are not seeing the new announcements of notable movies releasing on OTT platforms directly. 

There are several films like ‘Love Story’, ‘Tuck Jagadish’, ‘Paagal’, ‘Nootokka Jillala Andagaadu’, ‘Khiladi’, and ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ that can opt for OTT release directly. But none of these movies are not showing interest. 



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