The trade bets on Thimmarusu, Ishq, SR Kalyana Mandapam

The theaters in Telangana have re-opened at some places. From this July 30, all theaters begin their operations. However, there is still no clarity about the re-opening of the theaters in Andhra Pradesh as the exhibitors want a hike in ticket prices. The AP government put a cap on ticket prices in B and C centers, and the rates are so low. The rates are not feasible for the exhibitors. 

So, medium-range films like ‘Tuck Jagadish’, ‘Love Story’, and ‘Paagal’ are not announcing their new release dates. The producers of these movies thought of commencing promotions immediately with the hope of releasing them in August. But now, none of the projects have begun promotions. 

However, small-budgeted movies like ‘Thimmarusu’ (July 30), ‘Ishq’ , and ‘SR Kalyana Mandapam’ (August 6) are going ahead with their plans. All these three movies have chalked out interesting promotional strategies. The cast and crew have already begun promotions. 

Satyadev’s ‘Thimmarusu’ is an investigation drama. Teja Sajja and Priya Prakash Varrier is a different thriller. ‘SR Kalyana Mandapam’ starring Kiran Abbavaram is a youthful entertainer. These three films fall into three different genres and have the potential to attract youngsters. 

If these films click at the box office, other producers will not hold their release plans.



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