Wknd BO: Jathi Ratnalu is a huge blockbuster, Sreekaram flops

Jathi Ratnalu, Sreekaram,Gaali Sampath

It was a festival of collections last weekend. The Shivaratri festival and the long weekend have helped see theatrical business a new high. The Telugu audiences all over the world made a small film into a huge blockbuster. We are talking about ‘Jathi Ratnalu’.

Since the film featured non-stars, the makers had opted for a limited release, but much to their delight, it became a rage. More theaters were added on the second day itself.

‘Jathi Ratnalu’ has collected Rs 20 crore share (estimates) worldwide in the first four days, making it one of the biggest openers in recent years.

Nizam: 7.50 Cr Andhra: 6.60 Cr Ceded: 2.10 Cr Rest of World: 4 Cr Total: Rs 20.1 Cr

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Sharwanand’s ‘Sreekaram’ was publicized as the main biggie with a relevant message. But the film has failed to attract audiences. In our review, we said it has a strong message but weak narration.

‘Sreekaram’ opened to big numbers on the first day but its collections started dropping from the second day itself. It is now heading towards another big flop in Sharwanand’s career. The film’s collections are strong in the Ceded region, though. The film has collected about Rs 7.10 Cr share in four days.

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The third straight Telugu movie that hit the screens last week was Sree Vishnu and Rajendra Prasad starrer ‘Gaali Sampath’. It is a total washout. Despite heavy promotions and the brand name of Anil Ravipudi, ‘Gaali Sampath’ tanked at the box-office, no takers from day one.

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The Telugu dubbed version of the Kannada movie, Robert, was also a disaster.


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