Big films need big promotions!


For a film to succeed it is important that it should have an unusual story. Added to this there should be an outstanding execution of the script. This alone is not enough…good promotion just before the release of the film does magic.

SS Rajamouli knows this trick and did this for ‘RRR’. He toured different places and attended various shows and the results are there for us to see. Prashanth Neel had a strong story in hand and he too did something similar to what Rajamouli did. ‘KGF 2’ went worldwide.

Two films just beat the hell out of Bollywood biggies that released alongside and the south cine industry started hailing south films. Some even wrote of Bollywood as if south cinema is the next big thing happening.

Sadly cine industry does not work that way. One thing that the makers have to remember is that audiences have ample choice at their disposal. They will refuse something that does not fancy them. OTT is shining real bright.

Good promotions and well-cut trailers do a perfect job of pushing a film a notch up. Recently release Chiranjeevi starrer ‘Acharya’ is a disaster. Master craftsman Koratala Siva who gave four successes followed the same tried and tested template. How did he forget that anything offered repetitively will be rejected outright?

Hopefully the upcoming films will learn from the mistakes that these filmmakers have done. A good promotion is the need of the hour. It should be so good that it should enthrall them and make them want to watch your film.



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