Is Monal Gajjar becoming glam queen of BB4?

Monal Gajjar

Monal Gajjar is the only starlet among the current contestants in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 4 Telugu’. Having played female lead roles in films such as ‘Sudigaadu’, ‘Brother of Bommali’, and ‘Vennela 1 ½’, Monal Gajjar has got the image of a glamourous actress.

But contrary to her on-screen image, she continued appearing demurely in the first month. She refrained from wearing revealing clothes. However, Monal’s recent avatar has surprised everyone. The team is trying to pitch her as the glamour queen of the show.

The Hindi and Tamil versions of ‘Bigg Boss’ show highly rely on the skin show of female contestants. But the Telugu version has been trying to cater to family audiences. Slowly, they seem to be moving out. We have to wait and see whether Monal continues to spice up the show with her glamour outfits in the coming days.

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