Multiple films competing every weekend!

Last weekend, three films competed with each other. Expectedly, they turned out to be disasters. But our producers are not learning lessons. This weekend, we will be witnessing a competition between another three films. 


Naga Shaurya’s ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’, Sree Vishnu’s ‘Alluri’, and ‘Dongalunnaru Jagratha’ are competing with each other. Among them, only two films – Krishna Vrinda Vihari and Alluri – made some noise. Nobody knows about the third movie. 

On September 30, two dubbed movies are fighting out. Mani Ratnam’s ‘Ponniyan Selvan’ and Dhanush’s ‘Nene Vasthunna’ are testing their luck. 

On October 5, we are going to see stiff competition. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’, Nagarjuna’s ‘The Ghost’, and a small film ‘Swathimuthyam’ have announced their release plans for October 5. Accordingly, the films have begun promotions. Along with these films, Manchu Vishnu’s ‘Ginna’ is also planning to join the race.

Why this mad rush? Why can’t producers sit together and plan the releases in a better way to avoid competition? 



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