‘Bhimaa’ is filled with commercial elements: Gopichand


Gopichand is currently experiencing a sluggish phase. He is hoping to bounce back with “Bhimaa,” a movie helmed by popular Kannada director Harsha. This movie differs from his prior works by incorporating a fantasy aspect. He is excited about the release of “Bhimaa” in theaters on Friday, March 8, 2024.


How did you approve this film?

Director Harsha narrated me a unique story during the COVID-19 pandemic. While I enjoyed the story, I believed it was inappropriate at the moment. After a gap, he told me the story of “Bhimaa,” which I immediately found appealing. I was blown away by both the story and the characterization of the main character. The semi-fantasy component also appealed to me.

The director has done an excellent job blending the semi-fantasy element into this plot. Every action sequence evokes a beautiful emotion, which I believe will connect with audiences.

But acting as a cop is nothing new for you…

I’ve portrayed police officers in “Golimaar,” “Andhrudu,” and “Shouryam,” but the role of “Bhimaa” is an entirely distinct character, despite being a police officer. As previously said, the story’s fantasy element distinguishes it from the rest. The name of the hero is Bhimaa, hence the title.

Tell us about heroines

Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malavika Sharma aren’t only there for the glitz. Their roles are purposeful and substantive.

Do you intend to become a director, given that your father, Late T Krishna, was a well-known filmmaker?

No. I lack such ability. It’s a challenging job.

There is rumor that you and Prabhas may star in a film together…

The plan has existed for a long time. We’ve been friends since I portrayed the villain in Prabhas’ film “Varsham.” We’ve stayed close friends over the years. Time will tell if a film with our combo is possible.

What are your new films?

Currently, I am working on a film being directed by Sreenu Vaitla, which has completed 30 percent of portion. A film with director ‘Radhe Shyam’ fame Radha Krishna is also in the works.



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