Krack is like an Andhra meal: Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja has pinned lots of hopes on ‘Krack’, which hits the screens on January 9, as the first theatrical release of 2021. Ahead of its release, Ravi Teja had a chitchat with the media….

How tough was the lockdown period for you?

Luckily, things went well for me as I got ample time to spend with my family. As I am always busy, I could not spend quality time with my kids. This lockdown allowed me to have a good time at home. Also, I binge-watched a lot of international and Hindi shows. In a way, I had a ball at home. 

How confident are you about Krack’s outcome?

I watched the film and am confident that it would click with everyone. ‘Krack’ is like a full meal. After a long time, the audience will get to see a proper Telugu film with all ingredients.

Tell us more about your role?

I play a fierce cop. As the title suggests, I do not listen to anyone, and what happens when a guy like me handles big dons in real life. Though the story sounds routine, the way Gopi (director) has showcased me is different. After a long time, I got a role that is fun and has loads of action, which suits my image.

Why did you walk out of Maruthi’s film?

Such things happen a lot in the industry. Things are different in Tollywood as we decide to make some films, but things do not work out. It is a simple issue, and there is nothing much importance to it.

Are you not worried the COVID-19 scare might impact the collections?

No, not at all. This is the time when one should dare and come ahead. Sankranthi is the perfect time to release our films. I feel that the audience is depressed sitting at home last year, and our film will provide a good time pass for them in such tough times. The only thing the audience now needs is a big and good hit film. If that happens, things will become normal.

Upcoming Projects?

I am shooting for ‘Khiladi’ and have a few films that I need to sign. I am waiting for the result of ‘Krack’ to decide on my future projects. 

Thoughts on OTT content?

I would also love to take up web series and web films, but not now. For now, I will focus on feature films.


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