Sriram Venu: The soul of ‘Pink’ and ‘Vakeel Saab’ is the same

Sriram Venu

Director Sriram Venu, who has worked for many of Dil Raju’s productions as associate director, debuted as a director with ‘Oh My Friend’ starring Siddharth and Shruti Haasan. The film was a commercial failure. His second film, ‘Middle Class Abbayi’ starring Nani and Sai Pallavi was a roaring success. He also planned ‘Icon’ with Allu Arjun but it was put aside for various reasons. Now, his third film and the biggest movie in his career, Vakeel Saab, which is the remake of ‘Pink’, is all set to hit the screens on April 9. 


Sriram Venu spoke about the film, his working experience with Pawan Kalyan, and the comparisons between Pink and much more in this interview…. Read on in first person’s narration…

Leaked still became the title design!

A fan leaked a still of Pawan Kalyan from the first-day shoot. And another fan had made it into a beautiful design by turning it into a silhouette image, which went viral and I loved it. Hence I asked my designers, Anil and Bhanu to incorporate the silhouette image. 

Lawyer Saab, Maguva Lokaniki Telusaa Nee Viluva, and Vakeel Saab… these three titles were considered initially but we have finally stuck to the current name. 

No pressure, it was a pleasure!

Contrary to belief, there was never a feeling of pressure while directing Pawan Kalyan on the sets. It was a pleasurable experience working with him. The excitement that I had before the launch of the movie remained the same throughout the production. I was eager to go to the sets every day. Seeing his smiley face was enough to bolster my confidence.

Pawan Kalyan and Venu Sriram

The core idea remains the same

‘Pink’ is a court drama. Likewise, ‘Vakeel Saab’ is a court drama. If you check the trailer, the major portion of it has the same content as ‘Pink’. So, there is no question of altering the story of the original movie. ‘Vakeel Saab’ doesn’t deviate from the soul of ‘Pink’. 

The language of telling the story has changed, not the idea. 

Pawan Kalyan doesn’t interfere

When I first met Pawan Kalyan garu, he asked me to come up with ideas to take the story forward. He wanted to know how I would package the same theme of ‘Pink’ with him. In four sittings, he has okayed it. He is not a man of showing excitement. He thoughtfully voices his opinions and doesn’t interfere in direction. 

Records are temporary

I recently went to attend the meeting of Pawan Kalyan’s fans. When they asked me about the records, I told them that the records are temporary. I believe in longevity. When we watch classics like ‘Mayabazaar’ or ‘Bommarillu’, you don’t recall about its collections, but its emotions, the content. The numbers give a momentary joy. But ‘Vakeel Saab’ achieves both. 

Icon happens if Allu Arjun does 

I cannot talk about my next film now. Let’s wait for 9th April. Regarding the ‘Icon’ project, I don’t know about its status. It will happen if Allu Arjun agrees to revive. It is not in my hands. 



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