A big offer waiting for Sriram Venu?

Pawan Kalyan and Venu Sriram

Director Sriram Venu is under the spotlight thanks to the hype surrounding ‘Vakeel Saab’, that releases this Friday. Despite delivering a super hit like Nani starrer ‘MCA’, Sriram Venu has not gained much craze until now. But Pawan Kalyan praising his directorial skills and the trailer of ‘Vakeel Saab’ creating a huge impact are the reason behind Sriram Venu’s sudden popularity. 

If the film meets the expectations of the fans, Sriram Venu will join the top league of directors. 

He is known as Dil Raju’s camp director. The senior producer reportedly promised to line up another big project if the film becomes a blockbuster. 

Earlier, Allu Arjun had announced a film named ‘Icon’ with Sriram Venu but the film has officially been shelved. It will not see any revival. Sriram in his recent media interviews also mentioned that he has no hopes of Bunny calling him to direct this project again.


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