After ‘Crazy Uncles’, Kiran K Talasila is in for more movies!

Kiran Talasila

For someone who likes to go with the flow, upcoming producer Kiran K Talasila is on a roll, announcing one film after another. More than two years after stepping up as a co-producer of ‘Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram’, the banking professional-cum-film producer is about to make a splash in the Telugu film industry.

Currently awaiting the release of ‘Crazy Uncles’ (a family entertainer starring Sree Mukhi, Mano and others), Kiran is keeping his fingers crossed as he is up for a range of movies in the coming months. ‘Godhari Kathalu’, ‘Goldman’ and ‘Naluguritho Narayana’ are the titles he has announced in Telugu. The first of these is a period drama. ‘Goldman’ is with Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu.

We become curious about the new producer on the block. Speaking to, Kiran says, “I have run a YouTube channel for kids, adults and families over the years from the US, where I have lived since 1999. Besides ‘Seven’, the thriller, in Telugu and Tamil, I got associated with the Kannada film ‘Nanna Prakara’ and the Tamil movie ‘Gorilla’ in recent years. It has been a great learning curve for me.”

In film circles, Kiran has turned heads with the Bollywood drama ‘Ae Kaash Ke Hum’ with Vivaan Shah, the budding actor and son of Naseeruddin Shah. “Its visuals are marvellous. I hope it will go for theatres to give the audience a rich visual treat,” Kiran adds.

What is more on the film front? Does he want to wear a new cap? “I am interested in acting and will be seen in well-rounded roles in movies in the coming years,” says the good-looking Kiran with an air of confidence.

Telugu Cinema wishes Kiran Talasila a great future on many fronts!


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