Anasuya once again enrages Vijay Deverakonda’s fans

Anasuya and Vijay Deverakonda

Anasuya Bharadwaj has been the target of online harassment for many years. For months, she was subjected to mudslinging and abusive trolls on Twitter and other platforms. She even filed a complaint against trolls with cybercrime police, and the trolls were recently arrested.

When Anasuya expressed her joy at the failure of Vijay Deverakonda’s “Liger” on Twitter, it sparked a firestorm. Vijay Deverakonda’s fans mocked her, and she retaliated. When people addressed her as “aunty,” she reacted angrily. Around that time, she also gained widespread support.

She has, however, reduced her social media activity since then. She made a few posts here and there. She even hinted at avoiding negativity and focusing on her work. Nearly nine months later, she sparked another controversy by tweeting specifically about Vijay Deverakonda.

On Saturday, she posted on Twitter, “Ippude okati chusanu.. “The” na?? Babooooiii!!! Paityam.. enchestam.. antakunda chuskundam” (I just noticed something. “The” label? We stay away from such ‘overacting’ guys.)

This elicited a barrage of responses from Vijay Deverakonda. They chastised her for posting without provocation against their celebrity. She must have seen the poster for Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming film, Kushi, which included the word “The” before his name.

To be fair to Vijay Deverakonda’s fans, she has no reason to react to the actor’s tags, prefixes, or suffixes. People will troll or criticize Vijay Deverakonda if they believe he is overtly promoting himself. It is not her responsibility to object to or respond to Vijay Deverakonda’s use of his name in film promotion.

Her reaction is completely uncalled for.



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