Anupama might continue her bold and glam avatar


It is difficult to see an actress known for her girl-next-door image rub off and gain popularity as a glam diva. Anupama Parameswaran has done it successfully and demonstrated that she can perform equally well in this avatar.


All of this coincided with the enormous success of “Tillu Square,” in which she played Lily, a character with two sides. She has not only shown off her skin but also performed intimate scenes, including four steamy kiss scenes.

The collections show that the film and her glam avatar were a hit with the young audience.

It’s no surprise that several Tollywood filmmakers have already begun considering her for glam roles in upcoming projects. Will Anupama Parameswaran maintain her bold style?

She should do this because it will help her career last longer. She can easily switch between a performance-oriented character and a bold role.



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