Anushka Shetty – Krish’s film is titled ‘Ghaati’


Anushka Shetty is starring in a movie that director Krish has been working on. He started filming it with Anushka Shetty taking part in the shoot for a while. But the film has not officially been announced.


Only after Krish informed the Hyderabad police, who had ordered him to appear before them in a narcotics case, that he was away from Hyderabad filming a project with Krish, was the film’s information released to the public.

The film’s title and poster on Tuesdy were unveiled by Amazon Prime Video. The movie has been given the title “Ghaati”. Anushka is depicted walking while wearing a shawl draped over her head. Her face remains concealed.

According to the poster, Amazon Prime Video has acquired the streaming rights for this movie. However, it will only be available for streaming on this platform after its theatrical release.

Anushka and Krish previously collaborated on the project “Vedham”.



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