Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Samantha steals the show


Bigg Boss Telugu 4, one of the most popular reality shows in Telugu Television, had a new host last weekend. Actress Samantha Akkineni was the host. She received mostly positive reactions from the audiences as a TV host.

The fans of ‘Bigg Boss 4 Telugu’ posted quite positive comments on social media. There are negative comments as well, but Samantha pulled it off confidently. The show was full of entertainment thanks to Samantha’s cheerful attitude.

Nagarjuna is the actual host of the show. He could not come down to Hyderabad from Manali, where he was shooting for his action thriller, Wild Dog. So, his daughter-in-law hosted the show in his place.

Samantha, in her debut as a TV host, looked quite confident, showed ease on the stage.

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