Can Shivani score a hit with Kotabommali PS?


Shivani Rajasekhar, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha’s daughter, has been attempting to gain a name for herself as an actor for quite some time. Except for an OTT film, none of her endeavors were successful.


“Kotabommali PS,” a remake of the Malayalam smash “Nayattu,” is hitting the theaters today.

She portrayed a police constable in the film. The role necessitates a high level of performing skill. Shivani claimed she was able to pull off the role.

Despite the lack of a star attraction in the ensemble, the makers of “Kotabommali PS” have done adequate publicity and promotion to entice the audience. So, will she have a hit with this film, which appears to have solid content?

She has a glam girl image on social media. Will she, however, shine in this performance-oriented role?



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