Chiranjeevi: I wish Pawan Kalyan gets a chance to rule one day

Megastar Chiranjeevi finally responded to the political career of his younger brother Pawan Kalyan. Ahead of the release of ‘Godfather’, a political thriller, Chiranjeevi met the press. He said he quit politics and has no further interest.

“My brother Pawan Kalyan is a committed person. He is not polluted by anything. I am aware of his committed nature, and dedication to society. He has been like that since childhood,” Chiranjeevi said.

Pawan Kalyan floated the Jana Sena party and is active in politics.

Regarding extending his support to Jana Sena, he said his moral support will always be with his brother. “My strong wish has always been seeing committed leaders in politics. If people bless him, he may get elected to rule the state in the future. I wish and pray that such days and chance should come to him,” Chiranjeevi wished.

Chiranjeevi said he has no interest in making a comeback in politics.



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