Did Kamal approve of Shruti and Hazarika’s relationship?

Shruti Haasan with father Kamal Haasan
Shruti Haasan with her father Kamal Haasan & new boyfriend Santanu

Kamal Haasan is liberal-minded. As a father, he has given full freedom to his daughters to lead their life as they want. He doesn’t meddle much in the dating affairs of his elder daughter Shruti Haasan.

But there is a talk that Kamal reportedly told her to ‘settle in life’ as she turned 35 recently. Chennai media reports also suggest that Kamal approved Shruti’s latest boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. 

Shruti and her boyfriend Hazarika recently met Kamal Haasan in Chennai. Hazarika even presented one art creation he made to Kamal Haasan. The legendary actor even shared it on Instagram and thanked Shruti’s boyfriend.

Shruti Haasan is currently acting in Prabhas’s ‘Salaar’. 


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