Director Madan dies of brain stroke

Madan, the director of ‘Pellaina Kothalo,’ starring Jagapathi Babu and Priya Mani, died of a brain stroke. He died on Sunday morning (1.45A) in the Apollo hospital in Hyderabad, where he was being treated.


Madan suffered a stroke on November 15 while meeting with friends in a hotel. He was rushed to Apollo hospital right away.

Ramigani Madan Mohan Reddy, popularly known as RR Madan, he rose to prominence as the screenwriter for Chandra Siddhartha’s acclaimed film “Aa Naluguru.”

With ‘Pellaina Kothalo,’ he made his directorial debut. His other films include ‘Pravarkyudu,’ ‘Gunde Jhallumandi,’ ‘Coffee with My Wife,’ ‘Garam,’ and ‘Gayatri.’  He recently ventured into the real estate business.



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