Film trade places hopes on Samantha next month


The month of November will see small films hitting the theaters. Allu Sirish, Allari Naresh, and Santosh Shobhan are coming up with their latest films ‘Urvashavi Rakshasivo’, ‘Maredumilli Niyojakavargam’, and ‘Love Share and Subscribe’ respectively.

Among the many films that are scheduled for November 2022 release, only Samantha starrer ‘Yashoda’ is the only Pan-India movie. Since Samantha is popular across all languages, the makers are going to release it on November 11 in five languages simultaneously.

‘Yashoda’ doesn’t feature any notable male lead. So, Samantha has to bring the audience to the theaters with her stardom. Will she promote it aggressively? Will she lure the audience to the screens?

The film is directed by newcomers Hari – Harish.



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