Fun promotions for ‘Darling’ are in full swing!


Priyadarshi has successfully played both lead hero roles and comic roles. He adeptly balances his career by appearing in a wide range of films and roles. “Darling” is his new film as the lead hero.


As the film’s release date (July 19) approaches, he and his team have unleashed lighthearted promotions. Priyadarshi actively participates in promotions, from video interviews to events, and they are all enjoyable.

The film is directed by newcomer Aswin Raam and produced by K Niranjan Reddy and Chaitanya Reddy. The producers recently had huge success with “Hanu Man.” They are going all out to generate buzz for this film.

In this film, Priyadarshi plays an innocent husband, and Nabha Natesh is his wife.



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