Hari Teja flaunts her baby bump in a new photoshoot

Hari Teja maternity photoshoot

Actress Hari Teja is very pregnant. She is expecting her first child with her husband Deepak. Just weeks before her due date, she has posted some latest pictures of herself flaunting her baby bump. Times have changed and it has now become a new fashion for actresses to do a photoshoot in their last trimester of pregnancy proclaiming the baby bump proudly. 

Recently Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Anita H Reddy, and Sameera Reddy had posted their pictures. Now, Hari Teja has done the same. 

Wearing a black full gown, the actress is seen in a standing pose while keeping her hands on the baby bump.

31-year-old Hari Teja is known for her character roles in ‘A Aa’, and ‘Hit’. She also participated in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’. She got married to Deepak five years ago.


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