Harish Shankar slams ‘blind items’

Harish Shankar

Director Harish Shankar strongly objected to the inclusion of ‘blind items’ in websites. Referring to a gossip published on a website about him, he stated that the said “journalist” lacks the courage to write openly.


He made this statement during the success meet of “Eagle” that took place on Sunday in Hyderabad. Harish Shankar stated that a website reported that he was consuming alcohol excessively due to frustration over his film not commencing.

“I am curious as to whether he (journalist) was offering me soda or ice during my binge drinking,” he stated.

“Blind items” are gossip articles that withhold names and instead use silhouette pictures as references.

He also urged the media to help producers in creating films rather than creating circumstances that drive them away from the film industry.



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