Hit 2 will be a hit: Nani and Adivi Sesh

Nani and Adivi Sesh

Promoting a film in a unique way has become a challenge for all filmmakers. Innovative ideas for reaching out to audiences are the order of the day. While their film was generating a lot of buzz and curiosity, producer Nani and actor Adivi Sesh released a video in which they had a fun conversation.

They released this video, which shows Nani sitting confidently about the film’s success while using the word “hit.” On the other hand, Adivi Sesh, the film’s lead hero, appeared to be nervous about the trailer and promotions.

With this video, they have successfully generated interest. The trailer will be out tomorrow.

‘Hit 2’ is set to be released on December 2nd. The thriller has high expectations because the first instalment was a success. Shailesh Kolanu wrote and directed the film, which was produced by Prashanti and presented by Nani.

The makers are also excited to begin the third instalment of the franchise.



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