Hyderabad Rains: Brahmaji gets trolled for his tweet

Actor Brahmaji is getting trolled over his insensitive post on Twitter about Hyderabad rains.

When the city is reeling with incessant rains, and thousands of families have lost everything due to floods, some celebrities are posting silly ‘WhatsApp’ jokes like ‘Nadikipoleda Swamy….ledu city ke Nadi vochindi” and “Where to buy boats” on their social media handles. No wonder then that social media folks are trolling these celebrities for their irresponsible posts.

Actor Brahmaji also faced the trolling when he tweeted asking his followers to guide him in buying a motorboat. His tweet didn’t go well with the netizens. They slammed him.

When cities like Chennai faced floods, these same celebrities took to Twitter, seeking donations to help the flood victims. But when our city is facing an unprecedented calamity, Brahmaji made silly jokes. Immediately, he posted a photograph of his house flooded with water.

Earlier, Navdeep also made such silly posts. Celebrities should stop making idiotic jokes about Hyderabad rains and floods.


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