Is Malvi Malhotra really dating Raj Tarun?

Raj Tarun

Raj Tarun made headlines when his former live-in partner, Lavanya, lodged a police complaint against him for deceiving her with a false promise of marriage. In her letter, she additionally indicated that he is engaged in an relationship with Malvi Malhotra, an actress based in Mumbai who co-starred with Raj Tarun in the film “Thiragabadara Saami”.


Despite Raj Tarun’s current career and market being at an all-time low, the film, directed by AVS Ravikumar Chowdhary, is now preparing for theatrical release.

However, presently there is a widespread discussion surrounding Malvi Malhotra. Who is she?

Malhotra commenced her acting career with the Hindi television series “Udann” in 2017. She made her first appearance in Bollywood with the comedy-drama film “Hotel Milan” in 2018. Malvi Malhotra has also appeared in the Malayalam film “Abhyuham” (2023) and will make her debut in Telugu cinema with “Thiragabadara Saami”.

Malvi Malhotra boasts a staggering one million followers on Instagram.

Although Malvi has not yet responded to Lavanya’s allegations, Raj Tarun denied being involved in a romantic relationship with Malvi Malhotra.



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