Is Samantha obliterating her wedding memories?


Samantha divorced her husband Naga Chaitanya two years ago. Despite both of them becoming occupied with their own careers and lifestyles, neither of them remarried.


Now, Samantha appears to be deliberately eradicating all memories and experiences related to her first wedding. She recently had her wedding gown transformed into a new ensemble.

She delegated the task of transforming her 2017 wedding dress to fashion designer Kresha Bajaj. Samantha recently donned the revamped and repurposed gown for an awards ceremony.

The white gown was transformed into a black corset gown, giving it the appearance of being brand new.

“The tulle from the entire gown was dyed in nude and black. The nude tulle was created into the corset using resham thread and new beads. The boning was retained from the previous outfit. The remaining tulle that was dyed black was used to form the structural skirt. So almost the entire outfit has been repurposed with very little wastage,” said Kresha Bajaj.

Now this has become a trending subject on social media. Netitzens say Samantha is removing all remnants of her initial marriage and associated recollections.



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