Is Vijay Deverakonda worrying about losing time?

Vijay Deverakonda

Ever since he launched ‘Liger’ in the direction of Puri Jagannadh, things are not moving in his way, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shoot of ‘Liger’ began at the start of last year. Two months into the shoot, the lockdown was imposed. 

The film has finally resumed its shoot this year and now the second wave of the corona crisis hit hard. ‘Liger’ is scheduled to hit the screens in September but the movie will have to face the delay in production again. The film’s shoot has been stalled. 

The young and popular actor will be spending nearly two years on this project by the time it hits the screens. 

Vijay Deverakonda will have to take up director Shiva Nirvana’s film next and then he will also start working with director Sukumar next year.

In a mad rush to be known as a Pan-India star, he seems to have missed the perfect planning for his career. He should have released two movies by now. But thankfully for him, the popularity has not waned. It is growing on social media, even when he is not releasing anything.


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