Kangana to go with Rana’s plan!


Kangana Ranaut’s pan-India film, Thalaivi, is set to release on 23rd April in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu languages. A biopic on actress and Tamilnadu former chief minister Jayalalitha, ‘Thalaivi’ has begun its promotions as well. 

However, it will not get a release in Maharasthra as the government has shut down the theaters until April 30 in the wake of the record number of COVID19 cases in the state. Kangana has two options: either to release the Tamil and Telugu versions on 23rd and postpone the Hindi version like Rana did with Aranya, or postpone the film in all languages entirely. 

Buzz is that the makers are now planning to go with the Tamil and Telugu release on 23rd and hold the Hindi version temporarily. Rana did the same but it backfired. ‘Aranya’ was a disaster in Telugu and Tamil languages and no one would care about the Hindi version now.

Kangana Ranaut is already fuming with the Maharashtra government.


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