Kannappa teaser: Introduces an action-packed world


The teaser for Manchu Vishnu’s ambitious film “Kannappa” is out. The teaser introduces the action-packed world of Kannappa, an atheist warrior turned Lord Shiva devotee.


Manchu Vishnu plays Kannappa. The teaser shows him as a warrior capable of defeating numerous armies on his own. The rich visuals are the main attraction of this teaser.

The film boasts some big names in guest roles, including Prabhas, Mohanlal, and Akshay Kumar. We get a brief glimpse of these top actors.

“Kannappa” is all about an atheist hunter named Kannappa becoming a devotee of Lord Shiva. As an act of his devotion to Lord Shiva, he even plucks out his eyes. Touted to be a true story, the film mixes devotional elements with action elements.

Kannappa Official Teaser Telugu | Vishnu Manchu | Mohan Babu | Prabhas | Mohanlal | Akshay Kumar

Mohan Babu Manchu, besides playing a minor role, produces the film, which is directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh.



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