Koratala Siva eyeing Bollywood for NTR’s leading lady?

A lot has been discussed about NTR’s leading lady for Koratala Siva’s film. Fans were waiting for some information about the leading lady of the film, but nothing of that sort happened.

Initially, it was said that Alia Bhatt will be the leading lady and she too had given a nod to this role. But later when she married Ranbir Kapoor she walked out.

Then Jahnvi Kapoor’s name did rounds. Sadly that too did not become a reality. Sai Pallavi was the other option, but no confirmation came in.

Now it is said that Koratala Siva is looking for an actress from Bollywood. Since this might be a pan-India movie he is sure to get some big actress from Bollywood for his film.



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