Mamta Mohandas slams ‘sick-minded’ people

Mamta Mohandas is a cancer survivor. She battled cancer and recovered in life and in her career. She has been acting in films and living a happy life.

However, according to recent media reports, Mamta Mohandas confirmed in a recent interview that she is now suffering from cancer recurrence. The news reports were proven to be false.


Mamta Mohandas took to Instagram to condemn ‘sick-minded’ people for spreading such false information about one’s health.

She wrote: “Been getting DMs and fanmails from those concerned about #fakenews that’s making the rounds now claiming that I have given an interview in which I have ‘apparently’ said that my cancer is back and that I have chosen to surrender to the fight this time. Who in their sick mind has a problem with 1) me living my life and doing well or 2) propagating false news by picking on someone else’s to gain more views on their fake channel or 3) Minding their own f*ckin business.”

Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas also said that she is tired of hearing same rumors. She adds, “Well… you got the attention you were looking for, so now go to hell and get yourself some help. When it’s your turn to fight your hardest battle , you will learn what life is like on the other side of your fake one and hopefully that will bring you down to your own reality of your sad lives. I had to say this now because I have heard this numerous times in the past as well and this NEEDS TO STOP.. NOT ANYMORE!”

Mamta Mohandas is a Kerala-based actress. Mamta Mohandas played as a lead heroine in many Telugu films including Rajamouli’s ‘Yamadonga’.



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