Manamey: 55k tickets booked in 24 hours


Sharwanand’s 35th feature film, “Maname,” debuted in theaters worldwide yesterday. The film performed well on its first day of release.


Over 55K tickets for “Manamey” were booked in 24 hours on the BookMyShow platform. After a long time, family audiences returned to theaters, content to watch a film that was both entertaining and emotional. “Manamey” is a family entertainer.

Sharwanand and his team visited AMB Cinemas and Brhramarambha cinemas in Hyderabad, where they were greeted warmly by the public. Later, Sharwanand took to social media to share the video of audience’s reaction.

“Manamey” was directed by Sriram Adittya and produced by People Media Factory’s TG Vishwa Prasad. Krithi Shetty played the heroine.



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