Manchu Manoj make sly remarks against Vishnu


It is no secret that Manchu Vishnu and his younger brother, Manchu Manoj, both actors, do not get along well. Last year, Manoj accused Vishnu of threatening his friend.


Although Manoj and Vishnu later attempted to portray the fight as a ‘friendly’ one between two brothers, they are not on speaking terms. Their differences surfaced again today. Manchu Manoj delivered a speech at his father’s birthday celebrations, emphasizing the importance of being untied.

Manoj also stated that if someone has a sense of superiority and treats others inhuman way, they will eventually realize that even small ants can pose a challenge to a powerful elephant.

He also indirectly warned his brother not to be egoistic, as it would lead to disastrous consequences. “We will be punished for our actions when we reach God,” he stated.



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