Mr Bachchan’s showreel to be out shortly

Mr Bachchan

Ravi Teja and director Harish Shankar have collaborated for the third time, and their latest film is titled “Mr. Bachchan.” The film’s shooting is currently underway in Hyderabad.


A song is being filmed at Annapurna Studios featuring Ravi Teja and actress Bhagyashri Borse. Meanwhile, the team released a video announcing their next surprise.

In the video, a Ravi Teja fan enters the studio and approaches the director to inquire about the latest promotions. So Harish Shankar informs the fan that he will release a video showreel of the film with no dialogue.

Harish Shankar also mentioned that filming is nearing completion.

“Mr. Bachchan” is the official remake of the Hindi blockbuster “Raid,” and Ravi Teja plays an income tax officer.



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