Nani gets support from Pawan Kalyan fans!


Nani is the first popular actor outside of the megastars to openly support Pawan Kalyan, who is running for the Andhra Pradesh Assembly from the Pithapuram constituency. Nani tweeted, wishing Pawan Kalyan a successful victory.


In his post, Nani expressed that he is rooting for Pawan Kalyan. His post received an overwhelming response on social media, garnering millions of impressions and thousands of likes and reposts.

Furthermore, a large network of Pawan Kalyan fans and Jana Sena supporters has stated that they will watch Nani’s future films without giving a miss. Nani’s social media followers have also increased significantly.

Nani supported Pawan Kalyan as a member of the film family, but those familiar with ‘Andhra politics’ can easily decipher the true meaning between the lines.

Whatever the case, Nani has created a sensation by openly supporting Pawan Kalyan, and the Telugu film community will continue to express their desire to see the Jana Sena president enter the assembly.



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