Netflix to stream Wild Dog next month!

Wild Dog

Nagarjuna starrer ‘Wild Dog’ received positive reviews from critics but the film could not capitalize it. For various reasons, the action drama flopped in the theaters. 

The film’s failure at the box office proved that Nagarjuna’s decision of cancelling Netflix’s direct-release deal was not a wise choice.

It must be noted that Netflix bagged the film’s exclusive OTT rights for a whopping Rs 27 crore. It also allowed the producers to sell the satellite rights and Hindi dubbing rights. The Netflix offer was a great deal. But seeing the theatrical collections of ‘Uppena’, ‘Krack’ and ‘Jathi Ratnalu’, Nagarjuna felt the film should be screened in the theaters first and canceled the direct-OTT deal and made the general streaming deal for half the price.

‘Wild Dog’ will now be streamed on Netflix next month as a regular film, instead of a Netflix-Original. The producers have lost huge money on this wrong decision.


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